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Red Kite

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A wild Red Kite flying over the Elan Valley in Mid-Wales. Red Kites were severely endangered but through a successful breeding programme have recently been reintroduced into many areas of the UK. Mid-Wales is still the bird's spiritual home, as all current birds can be traced back to one single ancenstral mother. The Red Kite's wing span is about 5 and a half feet.
Posted 11:18pm Monday, 17th April 2006
Had a great time in Wales over Easter, and managed to get out and about alot! This is perhaps my favourite shot, because there was no bird-of-prey centre trickery here - this is a proper wild raptor... Ooh, I feel like a proper wildlife photographer now :) It was incredible to watch this bird catch a thermal shortly after this photo, and soar up high into the sky.

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