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Another shot from my recent trip to Valencia, these are offices overlooking the impressive science park at the sea end of the reclaimed river bed. The building on the left edge is a large, impressive iMax cinema!
Posted 11:58pm Wednesday, 19th March 2008
Camera Model NameCanon PowerShot S45
Shooting Date/Time2008:03:13 19:13:46
File TypeCanon RAW
Shutter Speed1.3
ISO Speed100
Focal Length227.0mm
ExifTool Version Number5.53
File Size3346KB
File Modification Date/Time2008:03:13 19:13:44
File TypeCanon RAW
Mime Typeapplication/unknown
Raw Data(Binary data 3380674 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Jpg From Raw(Binary data 33340 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Thumbnail Image(Binary data 3658 bytes, use -b option to extract)
File FormatCRW
Target Compression Ratio10
Image Width2272
Image Height1704
Pixel Aspect Ratio1
Component Bit Depth8
Color Bit Depth24
Color BW257
Target Image TypeReal-world Subject
Record ID0
File Number166-6631
Shooting Date/Time2008:03:13 19:13:46
Time Zone Code0
Time Zone Info0
Original File NameCRW_6631.CRW
Thumbnail File NameCRW_6631.THM
User CommentUnknown
Measured EV0
Canon File DescriptionHigh definition CCD image
Canon Image TypeCRW:High definition CCD image
Owner's NameUnknown
Camera Model NameCanon PowerShot S45
Base ISO100
ROM Operation ModeUSA
Canon Firmware VersionFirmware Version 1.00
Free Bytes51 143 80 253 50 214 37 25 96 68 150 113
Focal Length227.0mm
Focal Plane X Size7.26mm
Focal Plane Y Size5.46mm
ISO Speed100
Target Aperture6.3
Exposure Compensation0
White BalanceAuto
Shot Number In Continuous Burst0
Ixus AF PointUnknown (0)
Flash Exposure Compensation0
Auto Exposure BracketingOff
AEB Bracket Value0
Focus Distance Upper65.53
Focus Distance Lower0
Shutter Speed1.3
Bulb Duration0
Auto RotateNone
Self-timer 20
Macro ModeNormal
Image QualityRAW
Canon Flash ModeOff
Continuous DriveSingle
Focus ModeAI Servo AF
Canon Image SizeLarge
Easy ModeManual
Digital ZoomNone
Camera ISO100
Metering ModeCenter-weighted averaging
Focus TypeAuto (1)
AF PointManual AF point selection
Canon Exposure ModeManual
Lens TypeUnknown (-1)
Long Focal682
Short Focal227
Focal Units32
Max Aperture2.9
Flash Activity0
Flash Bits(none)
Focus ContinuousSingle
Zoomed Resolution2272
Zoomed Resolution Base2272
Color Tone+32767
Canon Color Info 1(Binary data 2048 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Sensor Width2376
Sensor Height1728
Sensor Left Border32
Sensor Top Border14
Sensor Right Border2303
Sensor Bottom Border1717
Decoder Table1 0 514 3380671
Canon Image Width2272
Canon Image Height1704
Canon Image Width As Shot2272
Canon Image Height As Shot212
AF Points Used0 ()
Drive ModeSingle-frame shooting
Image Size2272x1704
Lens7.1 - 21.3mm
Shooting ModeManual
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