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Amsterdam Transport

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My first introduction to Amsterdam was a complicated layout of lights, cycle-lanes and tram-lines just outside the central station.
Posted 7:06pm Friday, 13th July 2007
Camera Model NameCanon PowerShot S45
Shooting Date/Time2007:02:24 14:30:30
File TypeJPEG
Shutter Speed26214.4
ISO Speed50
Focal Length7.1mm (35mm equivalent: 34.5mm)
ExifTool Version Number5.53
File Size1065KB
File Modification Date/Time2007:02:24 15:30:28
File TypeJPEG
Mime Typeimage/jpeg
Camera Model NameCanon PowerShot S45
OrientationRotate 90 CW
X Resolution180
Y Resolution180
Resolution Unitinches
Date/Time Of Last Modification2007:02:24 14:30:30
Y Cb Cr PositioningCentered
Shutter Speed26214.4
Exif Version0220
Shooting Date/Time2007:02:24 14:30:30
Date/Time Of Digitization2007:02:24 14:30:30
Components ConfigurationYCbCr
Compressed Bits Per Pixel3
Shutter Speed Value1/318
Aperture Value2.8
Max Aperture Value2.8
Focal Length7.1mm (35mm equivalent: 34.5mm)
Macro ModeNormal
Image QualityFine
Canon Flash ModeRed-eye reduction (Auto)
Continuous DriveSingle
Focus ModeSingle
Canon Image SizeLarge
Easy ModeFull auto
Digital ZoomNone
Camera ISOAuto
Metering ModeEvaluative
Focus TypeAuto (1)
AF PointAuto AF point selection
Canon Exposure ModeEasy
Lens TypeUnknown (-1)
Long Focal682
Short Focal227
Focal Units32
Max Aperture2.9
Flash Activity0
Flash Bits(none)
Focus ContinuousSingle
Zoomed Resolution2272
Zoomed Resolution Base2272
Color Tone+32767
Focal Plane X Size7.26mm
Focal Plane Y Size5.46mm
ISO Speed50
Target Aperture2.8
Target Exposure Time1/318
Exposure Compensation0
White BalanceAuto
Shot Number In Continuous Burst0
Ixus AF PointUnknown (0)
Flash Exposure Compensation0
Auto Exposure BracketingOff
AEB Bracket Value0
Focus Distance Upper65.53
Focus Distance Lower0
Bulb Duration26214.4
Auto RotateRotate 90 CW
Self-timer 20
Canon Image Width2272
Canon Image Height1704
Canon Image Width As Shot2272
Canon Image Height As Shot212
AF Points Used0 ()
Canon Image TypeIMG:PowerShot S45 JPEG
Canon Firmware VersionFirmware Version 1.00
File Number153-5307
Owner's NameUnknown
User CommentUnknown
Flashpix Version0100
Color SpacesRGB
Exif Image Width2272
Exif Image Length1704
Interoperability IndexR98
Interoperability Version0100
Related Image Width2272
Related Image Length1704
Focal Plane X Resolution8114.29
Focal Plane Y Resolution8114.29
Focal Plane Resolution Unitinches
Sensing MethodOne-chip color area
File SourceDigital Camera
Custom RenderedNormal
Exposure ModeAuto
Digital Zoom Ratio1
Scene Capture TypeStandard
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Thumbnail Offset2048
Thumbnail Length6118
Image Width2272
Image Height1704
Drive ModeSingle-frame shooting
Image Size2272x1704
Lens7.1 - 21.3mm (35mm equivalent: 34.5 - 103.7mm)
Scale Factor To 35mm Equivalent4.9
Shooting ModeFull auto
Thumbnail Image(Binary data 6118 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Circle Of Confusion0.006 mm
Hyperfocal Distance2.91 m
Filed in: [Candid][Amsterdam]

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