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CurlyToes Photography


A selection of articles that may be useful to someone. Click the title of the article to see it.

Macro on a Budget - Reversed Lenses
I've been asked a few times about how I take macro photos using a reversed lens, and what equipment I need to do it. So I thought I'd explain what I do and what I use on this webpage.
Selective Desaturation in Photoshop
I don't use selective desaturation much, but as a technique it can be used to highlight a subject in a photograph. This article explains one way of doing this in Photoshop. Explains the use of adjustment layers.
Histograms and their Use
I always knew what a histogram was but never realised how useful it was in the field. This article explains what histograms are for and why they're so useful.
Smoke Photography
A case study of taking photos of smoke.